metal patio furnitureTime was that anything that sat outdoors for extended periods was made exclusively of wood or metal, materials which could withstand extremes of hot and cold, rain and snow and mountains of bird droppings without taking a beating.

The only downside was that this often meant heavy, clunky and decidedly drab designs that were big on durability and short on style, particularly for intemperate regions where brutally cold winters and scorching summers could wreak havoc on patio furniture.

With the advent of plastics however, a revolution was born; designers were free to experiment with shapes and forms that lent a new esthetic to outdoor furniture that abandoned safe, reliable and long lasting for modern, inexpensive and disposable.

This often meant great looking patio furniture that couldn’t withstand more than a year or two in the elements before they needed replacing.

Once again it was science to the rescue, offering a multitude of new choices from composite materials created specifically to stay looking fresh and untarnished even after years of use outdoors, that included fabrics such as latex and acrylic, as well as structural materials like graphite and carbon fibre.

It also breathed new life into a perennial outdoor favorite, wicker. Traditional wicker, though naturally very tough and resilient, tended to show its age, particularly in climates with extremes of hot and cold seasons.

Today’s wicker furniture is made from resins or coated with polyurethane and other protective applications that maintain its beauty no matter what weather conditions it resides in.

Similarly, modern patio furniture made of plastic takes advantage of advancements that produce greater longevity of the material no matter how hot or cold the weather, eliminating cracks or other damage that used to be caused by gradual, brittle weakening.

Some outdoor furniture is even designed specifically for certain climates, making it even easier to decide what suits your environment best.

Velago Patio Furniture offers only the very best of these new materials and old favorites that combine modern, affordable designs with remarkable durability that reflects your stylish vision of taste and comfort.

by Rim Ramphal

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  1. Garden Furniture Outlet says:

    Absolutely right. Nowadays the modern furniture is durable, good looking and stylish. I mostly have plastic designer chairs for my outdoor. They look beautiful and can withstand any climate.. :))

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