WOW – What an Outdoor Lounger!

outdoor lounge chair for patioI imagine a cigarette smoking Uzbek dude with 3 teeth or a female street warrior in cargo pants developing this beauty of a lounge chair. I love creative, no question, so many cool things we see every day on the web, that some crazy DIY-nerd has crafted.

This piece of patio furniture challenges my maybe too narrow mental horizon. Did they think: “Hum, let’s slap some red on that baby so it will feel like lying down on a field of strawberries”?

The colour can’t hide what’s underneath. It’s a skid commonly a.k.a. pallet, a bunch of worn out wood, where hundreds of tons of all kinds of cargo has rested on, thousands of splinters still sticking out to welcome any parts of your body that you might be willing to surrender to this prickly lounger.

Patio Furniture in Canada

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  1. Very bright rustic patio. Now all it needs is one of those enormous umbrellas to serve as patio covers. Perhaps something in green?

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