Why to Relax Outside on Patio Furniture Even in Winter

restaurant patio in winter without furnitureNobody is crazy enough to sit outside on a patio in Canada these days. Or am I mistaken?

Toronto is covered in snow today and most other parts of the country are too. Montreal will be -15˚ tomorrow. Restaurant patios are closed, the outdoor furniture is tucked away. People are walking fast in the city, limiting the time they are exposed to the cold weather. But wait, there are the other ones too! After all, Canadians are no wimps. Leisure embraces them in this holiday season, no rush wandering through the distillery district. And there it is: that patio with the stylish modern patio furniture and that comfy outdoor lounge in front of a fire pit.

modern design outdoor furniture in TorontoIt’s not just the smokers that are sitting out here. All kinds gather around, attracted by the homey smell of the fire. Most with a warm coat, winter boots, some with 5 golden toques. They have a seat on the outdoor furniture, holding a cup of warm beverage, be it mulled wine or hot chocolate. The perfect escape in the city, cottage feel for a couple of hours together with friends. Hibernation is for bears, not for us!

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