Exciting New Trends in Outdoor Dining Furniture

outdoor patio dining furniture with table and chairsOutdoor dining furniture is vital for people who enjoy entertaining guests for casual meals and garden parties during the summertime. When you invest in a well-made outdoor table and corresponding chairs, you can create an elegant patio space while providing yourself and others with a comfortable area to eat, drink and relax. This guide to the latest trends in outdoor dining furniture can guide you in choosing pieces that are stylish, modern and suited to your home.

Color Trends

Neutral colors are very popular choices for outdoor tables and chairs as they are easy to coordinate with boldly patterned cushion fabrics. Many shades in the gray family, including charcoal gray, dusky gray and weathered gray, are currently desirable for outdoor furniture pieces. Other neutral color options include white, ivory, black and beige. These timeless hues will remain on trend as cushion patterns evolve from season to season. Keep your furniture looking vibrant in color by cleaning it often and touching up peeled paint when necessary.

rattan wicker outdoor dining table set for patio and gardenMaterial Trends

When purchasing new outdoor dining furniture, you can benefit greatly from choosing pieces that are crafted from sturdy, functional and practical materials. Metal materials such as wrought iron and cast aluminum are ideal for chairs and table bases. Vinyl and resin wicker, with its chip-resistant properties, is a much more appealing option than the easily damaged natural wicker of years past. You may also wish to consider sling fabric chairs, which are lightweight and capable of drying rapidly. In regard to table surfaces, opt for stone, glass or concrete designs with mosaic, speckled or distressed patterns.

Design Trends

Modern design trends for outdoor chairs improve on traditional designs through the addition of sculpted lines that allow for comfortable seating. In contrast to straight-backed and straight-legged chairs, the current designs feature curved legs, backs and seats for a simple, yet stylish look. Chairs with swiveled bases also work well outdoors. Both cushion fabric and table umbrella fabric are bright in color this season, with orange, red and yellow featuring prominently in various design patterns and themes.

modern design outdoor bar set resin wickerAesthetic Trends

In addition to ensuring that your outdoor furniture is aesthetically pleasing when in place, you can also benefit from buying pieces that retain their appeal when moved or manipulated. Stackable chairs, bar stools and tables crafted from wicker or aluminum help to create more open space when needed without looking cluttered or unsightly. You can also enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor dining furniture with patio accessories such as rugs, curtains and table centerpieces.

With their classic look and high degree of functionality, the latest designs in outdoor dining furniture are not only on trend for the upcoming summer season, but will also remain fashionable in the years ahead. You can easily update your outdoor tables and chairs by shopping at online or on-site furniture stores and selecting the designs that appeal to your tastes and complement your home decor. Be sure to store your outdoor furniture properly during off-seasons so that its quality and appearance are not compromised by inclement weather.


Modern Design Outdoor Patio Furniture in Canada

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