$500 Outdoor Patio Conversation Set Contest

outdoor conversation set in resin wickerWin a $500 voucher on an outdoor conversation set by Velago!

With the lazy, hazy days of  summer drawing to a close we want to hear how you spent your summer!!

Tell us a funny, memorable or touching story about the highlight to your summer.  Was it playing at the beach, going to the cottage or just hanging out at home enjoying the amazing weather and great outdoors.  We want to know.

Participants in Canada can leave a comment to this blog post describing a memorable patio experience or just tell us what happened the last time you were actually on a patio. We will randomly draw a winner every 45 days.

Participation is possible in every draw, but you may only submit one comment per 45-day period.  The winners will receive a $500 voucher for outdoor conversation set by velago.ca. Even though not a requirement for participation, we appreciate your tags and bookmarks!

You can enter an extra draw by following the link below and giving us your like on Facebook.   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Velago-Patio-Furniture/143268375701249

By entering the contest you confirm to have read and agreed to the Contest Rules.

Good luck to all!!

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133 Responses to $500 Outdoor Patio Conversation Set Contest

  1. patty george says:

    this was a summer of many firsts,,, first time having a st Bernard in the hot backyard, so up goes a large shade tent, doggie pool and water buckets everywhere,,, we do a lot of BBq dinners , so where did the spray water bottle keep disappearing to? we didn’t know until we found the stash under the steps. A few little bite marks told the story. My beautiful clematis didn’t grow, why> little teeth marks on the stem told me why. had to extend the deck, why> a 120 pound st Bernard puppy,,, cant wait til he is full grown… and yes we need more patio furniture too… why? bite marks tell the story,

  2. Sean Pynaert says:

    last time we were on the patio I brought some of my home grown sweet corn and we bar-b-qued some for everybody and had some cool refreshments.

  3. deborah mcmillen says:

    i spent this summer at my trailer with my two dogs!! bought a trailer last year and due to unforeseen circumstances i could not use it , so this year i was determined,there were many cold night with both dogs under the covers with me( no heater) and then there were the nights that is was raining so i was learning to play the guitar, both dogs howling like mad!! it was the most relaxing enjoyable summer i have ever had.

  4. Margaret Imecs says:

    Last time we had a huge BBQ Birthday party on the patio with family and friends(50 people). I have two boys (twins) and they both turned *20*

  5. Tara Busse says:

    This summer I had my in-laws & some friends over to celebrate my Husband’s birthday. Our god son came over as well and we gave him a belated birthday gift, which was a batman push/walking toy. He absolutely loved it! Watching him play on the grass with his new toy was such a fun thing to see. It made us all wish we were kids again. Esp when my husband realized he wouldn’t be having half as much fun as our god son did with his birthday gift. There’s just no way to run around & play with home depot gift cards or clothing!

  6. Carmelo CANTO says:

    I spent the summer fixing up the backyard. I laid new patio stones, planted flowers, and trees….not all that is missing is the patio furniture!

  7. David Gibb says:

    Last time we had patio was 2 years ago in our old house. One day strong wind came by and blew our umbrella to the neighbours pool. It flew over the fence and upside down into their pool. All this while we were sitting out.

  8. jm says:

    We went to Salt Lake City & spent most of our time in the Family History Library.

  9. Darci Paice-Bailey says:

    I enjoyed a fun time camping with my teens, I took one on a 4 day adventure just 4 hours from home. My son got the tent up, set up camp and had a fire roaring, I got into the tent and stubbed my toe on a big rock, he let me though that was in case the bears came to get us!

  10. Dominique McKay says:

    This summer I spent a lot of time with my dog at local parks and we enjoyed watching boats drive by on the river while enjoying the beautiful weather.

  11. Dominique Lynch says:

    the last time i was in our patio we made ribs, they were awesome, the weather was awesome, and the company was even better

  12. Nicole Graham says:

    We don’t have a patio yet, but we do have a screened tent and we had a lot of little picnics in it this summer. Lots of tea parties with my daughters and an ant picnic as well.

  13. GAIL WHITWORTH says:

    Both of my grandchildren’s birthday’s are in the summer which means BBQ and pool parties

  14. Robyn Mueller says:

    A year ago, just before the summer time, our dream home burned down. So for the next year we lived in chaos…not knowing what we were gonna do, rebuild or move..it was so hard…but we decided to move. We found a wonderful home with a LARGE deck…so wonderful, we sat on pillows this last summer, and random Walmart chairs…so we are hoping next summer we will have more comfy seating to enjoy our new life 🙂

  15. Brian Chow says:

    My wife and I bought our first house in 2011. We were so excited that we sold off our old “apartment furniture”, in anticipation of a new dining set. Little did we realize that the patio furniture would come first, and that it would serve as our only dining table for 6 weeks!

  16. Rosanne says:

    This summer I threw an outdoor party to wish my son Bon Voyage as he went off to study in Australia. He is having the time of his life over there. Prior to that I had been cleaning out my mother’s filthy hoarded house after she went into a nursing home so this was a welcome relief to be surrounded by the decoraative color, food, family and friends who loved me and wished me and our son well.

  17. frances says:

    Spent the summer cleaning and staining my deck, it took the entire summer to get it done. Can’t wait to use it next summer with some new furniture!

  18. Lisa Gallant says:

    I recently replaced the cushions and throw pillows for my patio set. Two days after putting the new ones out, I came home from work and they were scattered across the yard. I looked into the eyes of two of my dogs but neither betrayed any guilt. The next day, same thing. So I bought a storage solution and put them away every night. Three days after starting that routine, I came home and found the actual furniture pieces in random spots on the patio. Those dogs have found a job and are determined to complete it to the best of their abilities every day!

  19. Olivia Amaro says:

    The highlight of my summer was looking for shooting stars with my husband while laying on a blanket in the backyard.

  20. vivian mok says:

    i would like to enter the contest to win this beautiful patio set tks

  21. Alyssa says:

    The last time I was on a patio was in my own backyard. I love just sitting in the sun and relaxing it feels like I’m at the beach.

  22. Lawrence says:

    My highlight this summer was trying to teach myself how to play tennis. It…did not go well.

  23. margaux retrophiliac says:

    We got to go to believe festival in whistler and see bob marleys son perform live! it was seriously magical.

  24. Tyler says:

    The last time I was on a patio, I broke my toe because it was an old school wood set. That chair wasn’t moving for anything. I look forward to lighter furniture if I win this.

  25. Kristine Wilson says:

    The last time I was on a patio was this last summer for my grandmother’s 97th birthday. A family of 7 or so racoons appeared on the fire escape and it was during the afternoon.

  26. brent akeson says:

    Just cleaned up the yard, lit the lanterns and put the beer on ice. Finally it was time to relax for a few minutes before everyone showed up. Went to put my glass on the patio table, which was also glass, and the table shattered. 20mins later, problem solved with an old card table. Not the same…

  27. sandra lebeau says:

    We live outside in the summer, sharing good food and drinks with family and friends or just chilling on our own with our dogs enjoying the lovely flower gardens we put in. We have a huge Canada party every year with people coming and going a day and night it is a highlight of the summer.

  28. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    Ours is just sitting in the backyard enjoying morning coffee and listening to all the birds – heaven – that’s why we REALLY could use some new outdoor furniture

  29. Travis Nielsen says:

    I fire up the bbq on the patio before lacrosse games with the guys

  30. Brett Henderson says:

    Spent the summer on Costco fold out tables and chairs, would love to upgrade to this piece!

  31. Andrea Amy says:

    I love going over to my friend’s house and hanging out on her patio, having BBQ, and watching the kids play in her back yard. Nothing better than a warm summer day, sipping iced tea and eating burgers while the kids splash in the water. liked on facebook as well.

  32. Andrew Fraser says:

    We recently got a BBQ for our patio and plan to use it throughout the winter.

  33. Janna Fraser says:

    I have a portable heater and use it on my patio to extend the season.

  34. Chad Westcott says:

    My Mom sat in and broke one of my patio chairs. Now we have a set of 3 chairs only

  35. Brenda Lacourciere says:

    Last time I was on a patio, it was to watch the sunset on my 15th wedding anniversary with my fabulous husband.

  36. Debbie Bashford says:

    Last time on a patio was at a friends for a BBQ

  37. Jeff says:

    All of my extended family shares a cottage, so basically every weekend during the summer we have large BBQs out on the deck.

  38. Ben Slinger says:

    As a teenager, while BBQing on our patio, my best friend gave a book to the girl he was crushing on and she was so surprised and flattered that she fell on her bum – 5 years later I was telling the story of how he knocked her off her feet at their wedding.

  39. Loleeta Turner says:

    So need something like this on my front deck, it is just a long empty space.

  40. Diana Corlett says:

    This summer was made extra special by a visit from my son and his family who relocated to Auckland, New Zealand three plus years ago. I spent a wonderful week just enjoying their presence, having missed them so much for so long. Saying our farewells again was hard, but we have some precious new memories of our time together…and are hoping they will be back to see us again soon!

  41. Wayne S says:

    Our patio right now is just a bunch of stone, but we just got a few quotes done, and next spring we’re building a huge patio for grilling and entertaining!

  42. Anna W. says:

    We didn’t go once onto the patio this year, other than to BBQ because we have a neighbour that hogged 30% of our small backyard with his hammock! Luckily we’ve finally complained about him and his ever-burning fire pit and he took that darn hammock down. Now there’s space to fill with some nice furniture! 🙂

  43. Travis Nielsen says:

    we have a pre-game party on the patio before heading to lacrosse games

  44. Betty S says:

    I spent my summer at a family reunion in Holland, it was great to sit on the patio of my cousin, having a drink and talking about family history and the antics of our parents. On our return, my own brothers and sister talked about all the stories we had heard

  45. Rachel Bauman says:

    Our best summer memories are always going to Pentiction to meet up with family to spend a week together playing and reconnecting with aunts, uncles and cousins.


    my best memorable event this summer was canoeing with friends just before sunset, the lake was so calm & reflective, i felt like i was floating on a mirror!

  47. Holly Messana says:

    My most memorable time was when my sister came to visit. We spent every morning drinking coffee and every night drinking wine for a week out on the patio and talking for hours. It was an amazing visit I will never forget.

  48. Marc-Andre Taillefer says:

    Last time on a patio was at a friends for a BBQ

  49. Leigh Canham says:

    We BBQ as much as possible time spent on the patio is priceless.

  50. Danielle says:

    We just built a fire pit in our backyard and invite all of our friends over to sit around the fire. We roast marshmallows and talk throughout the night watching the stars shoot across the sky. It would be wonderful to have an outdoor set that’s classy and fits the outdoor mood.

  51. Beverly Metcalf says:

    It wasn’t very memorable, but I spent about a month last summer restaining my deck. It looks pretty good now, but would look a lot better with that beautiful deck furniture. Thanks for having this contest.

  52. Diane S says:

    We BBQ all year long, even in the winter. I’ve often been turning steaks in -40 temperatures, but still love the outdoor food taste.

  53. Katherine B says:

    Completely tore down & rebuilt my deck (and my parents’) this summer. Lots of hard work, and lots of good times. 🙂

  54. Amy Bratberg says:

    My son was just riding his bike on the patio yesterday! It’s been a beautiful fall in Vancouver.

  55. Harjinder Chahal says:


  56. Burcu says:

    I love having family time and having warm drinks on a patio.

  57. marie constantineau says:

    we went to a park to do some hiking, the route said intermediate but most hills up straight up and the bugs, my goodness i’d never seen that many bugs at one time ever

  58. Andrea M says:

    Drinking hot chocolate in my parents hot tub on their patio in the snow!! Amazing memories 🙂

  59. Andrew Fraser says:

    I like to use the BBQ through the winter

  60. Janna Fraser says:

    the last time I was on the patio I was sweeping leaves

  61. Harry C says:

    Last time i was on a patio was at a friends house on a windy day (bad idea). The wind got under the sheets and all the food went flying everywhere.

  62. Serena Debolt says:

    Sitting in the evening reminicing about our days fishing – some of the stories got to be over-the-top and the laughs would commence when we would play the videos back just to realize the fish wasn’t as big as we thought 🙂

  63. Brett says:

    Spent the summer on Costco fold out tables and chairs, would love to upgrade to this piece! I would use the BBQ in the winter too!

  64. Shoreh S says:

    In the summer at a friends house. Good food and conversation and lots of fun had by all.

  65. Andrea M says:

    Just bought a new condo with a beautiful 500 sq ft patio…..this would look amazing on it!! 🙂

  66. Tracy Saddul says:

    Last time I was on the patio was at our family Christmas Dinner. Anyone who smokes has to go outside. Fortunately we have a patio heater to keep everyone warm out there. There was no snow here, so it wasn’t too bad

  67. Andrew Fraser says:

    I’m using the BBQ on the deck and could use some fine patio furniture to go along with it.

  68. Janna Fraser says:

    Summer will be great if I get some new patio furniture.

  69. Johnson Tran says:

    I bought a patio set in the winter, ’cause it was on sale. I haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet, ’cause you know, snow.

  70. Alyssa V says:

    Highlight of my summer was sitting in my backyard and just relaxing

  71. darci paice-bailey says:

    I was on the patio breaking ice off last weekend! I cant wait for spring and summer to enjoy the small time frame for beautiful weather that I can enjoy from my patio with a great ice tea and wonderful read!

  72. Karla says:

    My favorite patio experience was when my granddaughter was a baby.
    We put a blanket in a clothes basket and put her in it…She was safe and sound and all snuggled in.

  73. john says:

    I have a portable bbq and use it on my patio to have parties

  74. caitlin says:

    although it would seem like a bad thing to burn yourself . my biggest memory of summers is stepping out onto my patio and burning my feet on the wood panels that were in the sun all the time. they weren’t soo hot that it’d be really bad it was just more like i would have to hop into the shadows to keep from it hurting haha. we never had food out there but i used to sun tan a lot and yes my back would burn from not only the sun but the hot wood panels below.

  75. Ami B says:

    Definitely a BBQ. Patios are a place for friends and family to gather and have fun!

  76. Kevin Smith says:

    I was in Cali, Colombia, competing in the World Games Duathlon. After the race we had a few days to explore Cali, and one afternoon was spent on the patio enjoying some refreshments and meeting the locals who were so amazing!

  77. Nathan Lee says:

    This summer I spent mostly working, but on the days off I went to the lake (Christina Lake) and enjoyed the gorgeous weather! Nothing beats sitting on the patio overlooking the lake.

  78. nicholas c. says:

    love being outside on the patio during the summer, with burgers on the bbq and a nice cold beer in my hand. I like the quietness of the yard, with the sound of the water from the pool and the birds chirping away. ohh, how i long for those long summer nights.

  79. Nicolas C says:

    Moved into the new house this summer!

  80. B. Porter says:

    Summer means birthdays, beach days and starry nights enjoying the view on the patio.

  81. Diane S says:

    This spring we are building a new patio. A new patio set would be just the thing we need. The highlight to our 2014 summer will be our daughter’s grade 12 graduation. Our oldest daughter is getting married in October. Maybe it would be nice enough outside to still be using our patio??? This is the highlight of the year.

  82. Chris Hill says:

    Lounging on the patio with a cold drink, 5 friends, and a lot of music – a perfect summer evening. This happened quite often last year – I’d love to have some NICE furniture to show off next year!

  83. Megan Willis says:

    Last time I was on a patio, I was at a goodbye party thrown for my friend who is moving away!

  84. Dawn Gillespie says:

    I spend as much time sitting out on the deck every summer – it would be fabulous to have new patio furniture especially the Velago patio set it looks awesome and would be a real conversation piece when company comes over

  85. BarB Batten says:

    The last time was on a patio I feel asleep and got a book sunburn on my chest. Smile

  86. Janna Fraser says:

    Only time I’m on the patio nowadays is to shovel snow…..waiting for better weather.

  87. Andrew Fraser says:

    I think I’ll have a winter BBQ next weekend, time to get the patio prepared.

  88. natalie cormier says:

    My boyfriend painted the deck this summer and forgot to tell me, i walked across the deck barefooted and went into the house. A few hours later my boyfriend comes home from work and ask me why there are footprints painted to our floor!!!

  89. Diane S says:

    One of the highlights of our summer was that one of my nieces turned 40. We had a celebration with family and friends. Absolutely wonderful!

  90. Serena Debolt says:

    The last time we were on a patio, we watched fireworks and enjoyed a hot chocolate during Christmas

  91. alan h says:

    last summer was my first year to have my family over for a barbecue on my first deck ever unfortunately had to make do with a mixmatch of chairs and tv trays of course we still had a great family time but hoping this year i can win some patio furniture

  92. Johnson Tran says:

    the last time I was on the patio I was sweeping leaves

  93. steve callahan says:

    oh how I would love to own this . love it . thank u

  94. nikki robak says:

    last time I was on the patio I was staining it

  95. Johnson Tran says:

    keep up the good work

  96. Serena Debolt says:

    The design of that patio furniture would sure match with our new deck we built!

  97. Johnson Tran says:

    spent the summer fixing up the backyard.

  98. Kelly Remington says:

    I love to be outside with my family, and we used our patio set when possible.we need a new one at this point. Spending 10-12hours on the deck with friends and family. Lots of bbq’s!

  99. Serena Debolt says:

    This summer is turning out be be amazing for our new patio raised bed gardens. We love to sit out there and watch our little plants grow. Thats the highlight of our summer so far!

  100. kim goguen says:

    best part of our summer is sitting on the deck watching my granddaughters in the pool . I would love to sit in comfortable patio set.

  101. Johnson Tran says:

    keep up the good work. best part of our summer is sitting on the deck watching my granddaughters in the pool . I would love to sit in comfortable patio set.

  102. Justin says:

    Hung out at the cottage with some friends, listened to music, drank, enjoyed the sun.

  103. Johnson Tran says:

    We went to Salt Lake City & spent most of our time in the Family History Library.

  104. Ellen Watkins says:

    We camped out in the backyard thinking we were safe from predators when around 2 in the morning the coyotes started yipping and barking. They sounded like they were very, very close by. We quickly ran for the house. In the morning we found their droppings around our tent!!!

  105. Johnson Tran says:

    Hung out at the cottage with some friends, listened to music, drank, enjoyed the sun.

  106. Cahley Tod-Tims says:

    The highlight of my summer was visiting my extended family in Alberta because we only to see each other a couple times a year! My cousin has 3 young children and getting to spend the day playing and laughing makes you feel young! My grandmother is also in a care home there and getting to keep her company is very important to me!

  107. Marty Allison says:

    Most memorable summer camp would be a holiday in my grand parent house. There was a lake beside home and my mum would insist to swim in that lake . When she tried to swim in the lake with a float she would dive quickly because my mum is heavy and she tried to float with children floater. So she quickly get drown and would shout loudly to save her. But if we tried to bring her out of water she would not come out. After hours of enjoyment she had a most memorable day of swimming.

  108. Johnson Tran says:

    no need to use your imagination, drinking cold beer by the patio

  109. robert benning says:


  110. Robert Haynes says:

    Ha Ha…the last time I was on my patio, the umbrella went flying and bent and a chair broke. needless to say we kept trudging thru the events and made the best of it. I could use a new set

  111. Johnson Tran says:

    last time we were on the patio I brought some of my home grown sweet corn and we bar-b-qued some for everybody and had some cool refreshments.

  112. Johnson Tran says:


  113. Lisa Lott says:

    Between patios at resuarants and hanging out on my moms patio with friends and family, there’s to many good memories to choose one.
    But I do want to make new ones with this patio set.

  114. Owen says:

    We moved into a new house in the summer with a HUGE 750 square foot deck and we have almost no patio furniture for it! This deck deserves to have a beautiful set of Velago patio furniture on it!

    Our past patio furniture consisted of white plastic chairs which my wife painted. Each chair had its own colour. bright yellow, blue and red!!!!! I put them out in the garbage one day. Couple of days later, I was looking out our back window and our next door neighbour had scooped them and they were on their deck. Glad to see they went to a good cause : )

    Have a GRRRRRRRRRRRREAT day! …Owen

  115. aarone mawdsley says:

    I like to have a drink on the patio

  116. Philippe duron says:

    Last time was in fall and was the end of season party with a copious pizza meal!

  117. Angie Stevens says:

    The highlight of my summer last year was hiking the Bruce Trails with my boyfriend and our dogs. Not a lot of patio furniture on the Bruce Trails but we sure see some lovely stuff in the yards near the trails one day we caught a couple being rather amourus in their backyard we were as embarrassed as they were when our dog entered their yard and we found them “enjoying each others company”.

  118. Tim Mills says:

    Celebrated a friend’s 50th birthday. I recently built my own 9′ diameter pond near the patio, and was glad to show it off to friends.

  119. sara says:

    hanging out at the trailer with all my friends and family. Friends who I only see in the summertime.

  120. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    The last time we were on a patio my daughters and I were chowing down on some hearty homemade hamburgers. I love to bbq in the summer.

  121. ghadeer olleik says:

    What a summer it would be on velago furniture.!cozy and elegant

  122. Johnson Tran says:

    keep up the good work, sounds like this contest is still open?

  123. Jennifer O'Donnell says:

    I had THE BEST patio back on the east coast. Many nights of bbqs, caesars, jams and friends were on that deck! However, since relocating to the west coast, my current patio is very empty..:(

  124. Shehnas says:

    Just today I went to a reastaurant and ate outside on their patio. It was great, the sun was shining, there was a water fountain nearby which was flowing, everyone was in a great mood! God, I love summer! I would love to win a set for my own backyard! Right now it’s empty!

  125. Johnson Tran says:

    the last time i was in our patio we made ribs, they were awesome

  126. Amanda sharpe says:

    Sitting with the in-laws enjoying the barbacue and thinking about how I got swindled buying the waspinator.

  127. Clare O'Brien says:

    The last time I was on a patio it was a summer get-together with all of my neighbours.

  128. Johnson Tran says:

    keep up the good work. The last time I was on a patio it was a summer get-together with all of my neighbours.

  129. jane kramer says:

    last time i was on a patio we had a bbq , drinks and went swimming

  130. Alma Blunt says:

    We have a new deck and we sit out and watch the sunset over the river.

  131. Maegan says:

    The dreadful canopy.

    My mom decided to buy an inexpensive, but decent looking canopy and table set. Its wonderful…. Until we catch some wind.

    The canopy tends to fly over to the neighbours backyard. Instead of my mom buying a new one, or new clips to hold it on properly, she just throws it back over.

    So every summer, our patio tradition is fetching the canopy. Lots of laughs, and never gets old.

  132. Bobby says:

    Many bbqs through the summer, many cold ones and great drinking games.

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